Go deep on your motivation roots

Go deep on your motivation roots

Changing behavior using discipline and willpower is hard.  It gets a lot easier and stronger with deep rooted internal motivation.  Keep asking yourself "why?" to uncover your motivations. Go deep, the more specific the better.  When you nail the reason, action becomes a pull instead of a push to do it. Here's what my motivation chain looks like right now to stay active.


I want to be more active. Why?

To be healthy.  Great, why?

So I have more energy and live a long life?  Makes sense, but why?

Because I want to keep up with my son for a lifetime.  That's sweet, but why?

That's what it means to be a great Dad to me.  There it is.


If I'm more active I'll be a great Dad.  Maybe it's true, maybe it's not, but it's way more inspiring for me to be active to be a great Dad than just to be healthy.


Reasons change and more get added over time.  My first reason and motivation chain looked like this.  It still applies but is now secondary.  The more roots the stronger the hold.


I want to be more active.  Why?

Because sitting all day at a desk sucks. Yup, but why?

I feel like life is passing me by.  Whoa deep, why?

I know I can do more in life and not doing anything is eroding my self confidence.  That's starting to pull at something.


If I'm more active I'll live up to my potential and build my self confidence.  Now that's reason to go move!


What are your specific reasons?



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