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SAVE MONEY!  Discontinued rollers and manufacturing mistakes are all marked down and for sale here.

Medium Density - Black or Gray

Can't decide between soft or firm? Perfect!  Get one of these and save some extra money.  Our firm and soft Infinity Rollers differ, but not by enough to have a third offering in-between.  The medium density Infinity Rollers will be discontinued once inventory is gone.

30 Day Return Policy - 100% Return, Any Reason, No Fees, No Shipping Costs

1 Year Warranty - We'll get you a new one right away!

Blemish - Black or Gray

The Infinity Roller is made from a high quality polyurethane foam which feels amazing!  So why aren't more rollers made with polyurethane foam?  Because its expensive and HARD to manufacture perfectly.  These rollers have noticeable surface imperfections and/or their firmness isn't right but they still give a great roll that will melt away your aches and pains.

30 Day Return Policy - 100% Return, Any Reason, No Fees, No Shipping Costs

90 Day Warranty - Our blemished rollers come with the same warranty of most standard rollers from other companies!


Why Special Buys?

It always hurt my heart to see companies throw out perfectly good (or near perfect) product as to not "cheapen" the brand.  I decided to do things differently here, no waste, just great savings!