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Infinity Roller, Our Compact Foam Roller & Exercise Roller

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Color & Density

The Infinity Roller, available in three different densities, focuses on changing movement and posture through stretching connective tissue and releasing muscle tightness. Perfect for cradling the spine or neck, while comfortably contouring the leg to massage quads, hamstrings, IT, and glutes! 

Targeted enough to reach under the shoulder blade, armpit and foot arches. The result: reducing chronic pain that's muscular in origin, improving posture, and unlocking previously unreachable movement patterns and ranges of motion. 

The Infinity Roller also helps with circulation of blood and lymph while relaxing superficial muscles. Soft tissues (the skin and muscle) are cleansed and nourished, resulting in pain relief, improved mood, deeper sleeping, and clearer thinking.


High quality elastic foam (100% polyurethane)


8 inches long and 4 inches in diameter


Peanut, or as the name implies, infinity symbol

Roller Density Options

STANDARD. The standard Infinity Roller is dense for penetrating the deep layers of tissue while having a comfortable amount of give.  The surface texture adds finger like grip for a comfortable massage and kneading of the skin. 

SOFT (out of stock until January 2023)The soft Infinity Roller is slightly more forgiving to those recently injured, extra sensitive, or new to self-massage.  The compression is comparable to the give of a tennis ball.

FIRM. The firm Infinity Roller is slightly more dense for penetrating the deepest layers of tissue. Ideal for those exposed to self-massage, foam rolling, or self myofascial release and want the ability to apply increased pressure

Note the differences in densities in subtle to the touch but more noticeable under weight.