The Best Length for an Exercise Roller

Have you ever used an exercise roller? They have been gaining in popularity over the past few years due to their ability to relieve pain and promote mobility. When shopping for one, though, you may be tempted by larger models. However, these larger exercise rollers may actually cause more harm than good. The best size for an exercise roller is 8 inches because it can fit into a backpack or purse with ease and can be taken on the go. This length is also versatile and can be used to relieve pain in many different areas of the body. If you do have a large frame, you will still be able to use an 8 inch exercise roller, but you should look for one that isn’t too long as they may be hard to maneuver and could result in injuries if not careful.

A foam roller is one of the easiest, cheapest, and safest ways to get rid of muscle pain and discomfort. But, if you've never used a foam roller before, you might not know where to start. Should you use a 6", 12", or 18" roller? What about 36"?

The best length for an exercise roller depends on your experience level and the area of your body you're targeting. In general, beginners should start with an 8" roller and work their way up to larger sizes as they gain experience.

If you're an experienced foam roller, you may want to use multiple, sized exercise rollers depending on what area of your body you're targeting. For example, if you want to roll out your legs, you'll probably want a longer roller than if you just want to roll out your lower back.

Most people will find this length the most comfortable and easy to use. It’s small enough that you can roll it up and take it with you on vacations or business trips, unlike a full-size roller which wouldn’t fit in most suitcases. It also is shaped in a way to not hurt your spine when rolling.

It also eliminates any awkwardness with getting on and off the roller – especially if you are doing core exercises. Your feet are always comfortably on the ground while your back is being rolled out. It’s easy to use on other parts of your body like your arms, chest, and hamstrings (back of the leg).

The only downside is that this length isn’t big enough to work your entire back in one pass (from neck to tailbone). If you have a long torso or tight back muscles this could get uncomfortable or even painful as you reach for large areas of tissue.

The 8 inch exercise roller is honestly your best bet. If you are looking for the versatility to challenge multiple areas of the body, this is your best option. It’s wide enough to challenge your core and legs, yet small enough to challenge your forearms and calves. Other larger models may be better able to handle some of these exercises, but they will not be as effective at targeting multiple muscle groups. The 8 inch model is versatile, portable, and efficient—all qualities that make it ideal for anyone wanting a quality exercise roller at a reasonable price.

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