Happy Baby is one vulnerable pose!

Happy Baby is one vulnerable pose!

Here are my 12 tips on how I got over it and broke into yoga classes.


I began rolling to loosen up tight muscles and gain back lost range of motion.  From there I wanted to strengthen and reinforce proper movement patterns and yoga was one of the first places I turned.  I generally don’t care about many things.  However, with yoga I quickly found myself feeling awkward in classes and hesitant to go back.  With the support of my fiance (now wife) I continued and now enjoy it.  Here are my tips to loosen up.


  1. First, know that it’s totally okay (and common) to skip poses or do some variation instead. You don’t have to do everything the teacher does!
  2. Pick a corner of the room. It can feel more private to stare at a wall.
  3. Humbly get over yourself. Nobody in the class cares how you’re doing.  In fact, they probably hope you are struggling with them.
  4. You can’t even see what other people are doing in half of the poses.
  5. Close your eyes. If you can’t see them, they can’t see you, right?
  6. Teachers make all the difference! If you don’t vibe with a class try another with a new teacher.
  7. Go at off-times (mid-day) or to less crowded studios.
  8. Go consistently to the same class. Many flows (routines) are the same or at least very similar.  After a few classes you will anticipate the next pose.  This will allow you to focus on the movement and your body instead of twisting your neck to see what the teacher is doing while lagging behind confused.
  9. Consciously choose to go with a close friend, loved one, or maybe alone. Whatever makes you comfortable.
  10. Start in your living room to become more familiar and comfortable with poses.
  11. Know that you’re probably not going to be immediately comfortable but it comes in time. And that’s okay
  12. When you leave the class you’ll free great and forget about any uncomfortable moments


One last tip to help get started with yoga classes:

Our self-massage rollers double as a yoga block.  In a seated position it rests right on your butt checks.  Its round body is great to hold in your hand vs the rectangular block.  This helps reach and balance in poses that would otherwise be awkward or too difficult.


Now go try a yoga class!


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I work in Physical Therapy and am also a group x instructor and personal trainer…would love to sample one if you do that…would be able to sell lots between facilities I am sure.


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